8- oz pasta
6 round slices Courgettes (approx inch thick)
3 slices Aubergine (each cut into 6)
3 tomatoes (cut in half and seeded)
each cut into 6 pieces, red, yellow & orange pepper
6 mushrooms cut in half
4 slices Haloumi inch thick(each cut into 4)
1 red onion roughly cut into chunks
3 cloves garlic sliced
1 tble sp Olive or Sesame oil
dsrt sp chopped basil
dsrt sp chopped chives
dsrt sp chopped parsley
dsrt sp chopped corriander leaf


Heat oven to gas mark 6

1. with a pastry brush cover base of an oven tray
2. place all veg & haloumi in one layer over tray
3. brush all with oil
4. sprinkle herbs over all
5. put in oven for 40 -45 mins till veg are tender
6. boil a pan of water seasoned with salt and pepper
7. add a dsrt sp of oil
8. add Pasta
9. cook till tender ('al dente')and drain
10. Share out pasta into individual serving dishes
11. share out roasted veg over pasta
12. Enjoy

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