1 tsp salt
½ tsp freshly ground pepper
1tsp dried chilli
1 garlic clove, finely sliced
125ml/4fl oz dry white wine
500ml/16fl oz skimmed milk
2 tbsp grated mature cheddar cheese
4 tbsp chopped basil
2 tablespoons Chopped frech corriander leaves
1 desert spoons sunflower or olive oil (for sauce)
1 tbsp sunflower or olive oil (for fish)
1 lemon, zest only
4 fresh skinned, haddock fillets, weighing about 180g/6oz each

1. Pre heat grill 2. Heat the oil for the sauce in a 2 pint saucepan.
3. Add garlic and cook on a low light till softened/
4. Add chilli and cook for 30 seconds more.
5. Pour in milk and wine and stir.
6. Add basil.
7. Turn up heat until boiling, then simmer to reduce quantity to half, whilst preparing fish.
8. Heat oil for fish, in a heavy frying pan.
9. Rub lemon zest salt and pepper into fish.
10. Place fillets into pan and cook turning once until golden, about 3 mins per side.
11. Transfer fish to an oven proof dish.
12. Pour sauce over.
13. Sprinkle grated cheesr over the top.
14. Grill until cheese melts. approx. 2 minutes.

Serve immediately


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