4 Lamb Shanks with the bone (approx ¾lb each)
1 large sliced onion
1 red pepper finely chopped
1 sml Aubergine, sliced then chopped
6 Cloves garlic
½ cup olive oil
½ lb button mushrooms
2 tble sp freshly grated ginger
1 tble sp ground cumin
1 tble sp cinamon
1 tble sp ground corriander
1 tble sp tumeric
2 tsp cardamom seeds
1 cup ground almonds
½ cup flour
1 cup dry red wine
1¾ cup pasata
1½ cup chick peas ( cooked and drained)
4 bayleaves
2 tble sp chopped fresh corriander leaves
1 tble sp chopped fresh parsley
2 pints Lamb or Chicken stock
salt & pepper to taste


1.pre-heat oven to gas mark 3
2. crush garlic with Cardomom pods and 1 tsp salt
3. mix flour salt and pepper in a large bowl
4. coat lamb with flour and put flour to one side till later
5. place large pan over a med-high heat
6. when hot add 2 tble sp of oil
7. put lamb into pan and cook turning till brown all over, about 5 mins
8. remove lamb and place into a deep oven dish big enough to hold lamb in one layer
9. cover an place in the oven to keep warm
10. pour in rest of oil
11. add onion and cook till soft and begining to colour
12. add garlic mix to pan and cook for a further 3 mins (stirring constantly)
13. add mushrooms, aubergine and pepper
14. cook for a further 3 mins
15. mix cumin, ground corriander, cinamon, tumeric, and almonds together in the bowl with the left over flour
16. add almond mix to pan and cook stirring constantly for a couple of minutes more
17. remove pan from heat
18. add wine and passata slowly and stir till smooth
19. pour in the stock and stir
20.mix in all other ingredients and bring to the boil
simmer for about 5 minutes
21. remove dish with lamb from the oven and pour sauce into the dish covering the lamb
22. re-cover and return dish to oven
23. continue to cook for approximately 3 hours, until the meat is so tender that it would fall from the bone

This can be left on a low light in the oven till ready to eat.

Serve with Bulgar Wheat cooked in stock instead of water and 1 tsp cardamom seeds added


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