HOLISHKIES (Sweet & Sour Meat Balls)
Bobby's Speciality


1 lb Minced beef
onion finely chopped
small handful rice (un-cooked)
salt & Pepper to taste
1 young green Cabbage
cup lemon juice
1 cup Passata
1 dsrt sp sugar
( tomato ketchup can be used instead of Passata & sugar)
oven proof casserole dish, with lid


1. boil a pan of water
2. remove hard stalk on each cabbage leaf
3. put each leaf into boiling water for 30 seconds to soften
2. mix together Mince with Onions, rice and Seasoning
3. form into balls approx the size of an egg
4. wrap one leaf around each meat ball
5. place balls into an oven proof dish in one layer 7. pour liquid over meat balls to cover 9. cook in a moderate oven (gas 3 or 4) for 2 to 3 hours until tender

Serve with with rice, pasta or potatoes


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