Thanks to Mo Fletcher, Bacup, UK
for this recipe.


4lb Shoulder of Lamb
4 oz honey
2 cloves garlic
¾ pt dry cider
1 dsrt sp fresh mint (chopped)
1 dsrt sp fresh basil (chopped)
1½ tsp parsley
1½ tsp thyme
1oz plain flour
½ large onion (thinly sliced)
salt & pepper to taste
1tble sp olive oil or butter
a roasting dish just big enough to fit the Lamb


pre heat oven to Gas 7 (425F)

1. slice garic
2. slit lamb at various points
3. push a slice of garlic into each slit
4. place upside down into roasting dish
5. sprinkle over salt and pepper
6. mix honey with 2/3 of the cider
7. pour honey mix over lamb
8. sprinkle on the herbs
9. Loosely cover with foil
10. bake for 30 mins
11 remove foil, turn Lamb over
12. pour over remaining cider
13.turn oven down to Gas 4 (350F)
14. replace foil and cook for a further 1 hour
15. remove foil for last 10 mins to allow to brown
16. remove lamb from dish and skim off fat

For the gravy

14.heat oil( butter) in a saucepan
15.put in onions and fry till golden
16 remove from heat stir in flour
18 Slowly stir in all the juices from the roasting tray
19 put back on heat stirring till boils and thickens
20 turn to a low simmer
21 Pour into sauce boat and serve with the Lamb


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