2 tble sp Olive Oil
1 med Onion, roughly chopped
3 peeled cloves Garlic
1 tsp thyme ( or sprig of fresh thyme)
1 tsp Sage (or 3 fresh sage leaves)
1 Bay leaf
3 Carrots, scraped and roughly chopped into chunks
4 Sliced New Potatoes
4 oz Green Beans
1 seeded Yellow Pepper, cut into 1 inch chunks
2 sliced Courgettes (approx ½ - 1 inch thick)
½ lb whole washed button Mushrooms
3 peeled ,seeded and diced Tomatoes
½ a drained 400gm tin of butterbeans
6 tble sp Red Pesto (see sauces catagory)

1. In a large, lidded pan heat oil over a high heat
2. Fry Onions for about 5 minutes, stirring
3. Add Garlic and fry for a further 2 minutes
4. Remove from heat
5. Sprinkle with Sage, Thyme and Bay leaves.
6. Layer Carrots and Potato into pan.
7. Cover and braise gently for ½ hour, till veg is tender.
8. At this stage if mixture looks too dry, add a little white wine or water
9. Add remaining vegetables cook for a further 15 minutes
10. Stir in Butter Beans and heat through
11. Dot with Pesto or stir through just before serving with boiled Rice

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