1 tble sp honey
1tble sp lemon juice
1 dsrt sp sesame oil
1 tsp finely chopped garlic
1 dsrt spoon grated ginger
¼ each red, yellow and orange pepper
¼ red onion
2 mushrooms
4 slices courgeete
2 ¼inch slices aubergine
2 - 4 ¼ inch slices haloumi
salt & pepper to taste
6-8 green stuffed olives


1. in a mixing bowl mix together honey, lemon, oil, salt and pepper, garlic and ginger
2. halve the mushrooms
3. cut each pepper into 3
4. cut each slice of aubergines into 4
5. cut haloumi slices into 4
6. split the onoin
7. stir all veg together into a bowl with mixed marinade
8. leave for an hour or more
9. put in pre-heated electric double grill (eg The George Formann)
10. cook for 8-10 minutes

serve on a bed of Bulgar Wheat

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