2 med Aubergines
1 tble sp Olive oil
1 onion (chopped fine)
2 or 3 cloves Garlic (to taste)
1 tble sp grated ginger
Salt & Pepper to taste
1 tble sp Chopped corriander leaves
1 tble sp Chopped Basil leaves


1. slit eggplants 2 or 3 times with a knife
2. slice garlic thinly and push into slits
3. put aubergines into the oven heated to 400F gas mark 6
4. cook for about 40-50 mins turning a couple of times
5. cook till slightly blackened on the outside and look shrivled. They should be soft right through
6. remove from the oven, scoop out flesh, mash thoroughly, and put to one side
7. heat oil
8. add chopped onions and ginger
9. Fry till the onions soft and golden
10. add the mashed eggplant
11. add salt, and pepper to taste
12. cook stirring until well mixed
13. add corriander and basil cook for just a couple of minutes more
14. remove from heat and leave to cool
15. decorate with a couple of Basil leaves

Serve as a starter, with Toast or Matzoh, or as an accompanyment to a main meal

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