Thanks to Auntie Joan, Melbourne, Australia
for this recipe.


1 lb Dried Figs
1 piece green ginger
½ cup sugar
1 lemon - juice only
l large orange - sliced
1 carton sour cream
brown sugar


1. Place figs in saucepan with cold water to cover
2. Add ginger
3. Bring to boil
4. Simmer - for 20-25 minutes - do this at a gentle pace
5. Drain figs and reserve liquid
6. Place figs in wide necked jar
7. Put liquid in pan
8. Add 1/2 cup sugar, and simmer till syrupy
9. Add lemon juice, and orange slice
10.Cook one more minute and then
11.Pour over figs while still hot
12.COOL - then chill

SERVE with sour cream topped with brown sugar

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